Looking to Take Your Game to the Next Level?

Check out this link on the college recruiting system!

Every college varies slightly within the collegiate athlete recruiting system, but for the most part they’re all recruiting athletes the same way. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to guide our athletes and their families to understand the system so they can feel confident in choosing the right school for them.

While the recruiting process can vary slightly by sport, every college in the country wants to recruit the best athletes possible, and most college scouts use similar processes to find these athletes:

  • They’ll go to club games—coaches watch and evaluate athletes throughout the club season. They will also communicate with an athlete’s club coaches, so it’s crucial to form a good relationship with your coaches, teammates, and other staff assisting your team.
  • College scouts will send a prospective athlete information about their school and everything it has to offer
  • You’ll be contacted by a school representative. Until September 1st of an athlete’s junior year of high school colleges will contact athletes through their club coach. After that designated date, coaches will email, call, and have athletes visit campus.
  • Once a coach has a good understanding of an athlete, their goals, and how they play the game, they’ll determine if an athlete is a good fit for their program. A scholarship offer would follow.