Program Benefits

  • Year round program
  • Membership to Heritage Hills Athletic Club
  • Competitive tournament schedule
  • Guest Speakers
  • Experienced coaching staff
  • Sports Clinics, Sports Performance and Strength Trainings
  • Character Development
  • Facility and equipment
  • College recommendations
  • Perks at Heritage Hills establishments with a First Class Passport to Perks membership
  • Bronze level of Sports Performance Training included

UK Soccer / FC Ballyhoo WINTER 2 Training Academy 2018

08 through 05 ( Year of Birth ) Individual Training Academy

Advanced training academy focused at developing individual skills.

Over a period of 6 classes, using a demanding technical curriculum, different specific topics are selected each week and the participants partake in a activities related to that particular topic. The goal for the participant is to not only be able to demonstrate the correct technique for the skill but to also understand the concept of the skill and its use in a game situation. All the given tasks are based on the individual skill of each child and everyone is challenged according to their personal level not that of the group.

Day: Mondays

Time: 7pm to 8pm


Winter 2 Session Dates: Mondays January 22nd, 29th, February 5th, 12th , March 5th

Fee: $90  ( $50 for FC Ballyhoo Players )

Location : Turf at HHAC

Winter 2 Session Registration

010 and 09 ( Year of Birth ) Developmental Academy

The objective of our Development Academy program is to provide the player the opportunity to develop all of the fundamental techniques necessary to play the game.  The program is focused at individual skill development with an advanced technical curriculum that is specific to this age and ability. The goal is to better prepare the individual for playing on an FC Ballyhoo  team at the U9 and U10 level in the fall of 2018

Day: Mondays

Time: 6pm to 7pm

Winter 2 Session Dates: Mondays January 22nd, 29th, February 5th, 12th , March 5th

Fee: $75

Location : HHAC

Winter 2 Session Registration

Indoor Kickers Program

The UK/Ballyhoo Indoor Kickers program is a non-competitive 6 week program designed for kids to have fun with the ball while the UK/Ballyhoo professional coaches are teaching and enhancing their soccer skills. The sessions will not only introduce and develop basic techniques, but are devised to nurture a love of the game. The program is specific to age and ability.

Day: Thursdays

Time: 10am to 10:45am

Program Dates: January 18th  through February 22nd

Age: 3 – 5

Fee: $65

Location : HHAC

Indoor Kickers Registration