UK Soccer / Ballyhoo 2019 Summer Camps

We are excited to announce that the 2019 Summer Camp Schedule will be Posted April 10th ……….




Sports Performance Training for FC Ballyhoo Athletes

FC Ballyhoo yearly registration includes sport-specific athletic training sessions with the Heritage Hills Athletic Club Sports Performance Staff.

The training will focus on speed and agility, mobility and flexibility, power, strength, and endurance. Training will always be based on safe and effective movements. As athletes progress, the intensity of the workouts will increase. Since these sessions will be during the soccer off season, soccer specific training will mainly focus on workouts that build cardiovascular endurance while incorporating exercises that require power and speed.

Off season training sessions are just one phase of the training program. To truly create a well-rounded athlete, Heritage Hills Athletic Club sports performance workouts should continue in the year round. Most importantly, the Ballyhoo coaches and the Heritage Hills Athletic Club staff want to help create athletes who feel strong and confident with their skills and with their fitness.

For further information please contact :- Ballyhoo Sports Academy Soccer Director – Gaz Davies at 717 755 0123 x 3035