Ballyhoo Volleyball Academy features many different programs and levels for players of all ages and ability levels. From club teams, to camps, to position and skill specific clinics, Ballyhoo Volleyball has the offerings to help you take your game to the next level.

Club Teams

Club volleyball teams are a way to develop your skills in a team environment, competing in tournaments against other club programs. The club season begins with tryouts/evaluations in late September/early October for the boys &  mid-November for the girls.  After the evaluation process, teams typically practice twice per week and continue through the conclusion of the tournament schedule season.  While there sometimes are exceptions, teams are typically composed of 8-10 athletes.  For more information, visit our Teams page.

Open Gyms

Open gyms are a great way to learn more about clubs and get a feel for which one(s) you may be interested in trying out for.  Most clubs offer open gyms and most of the time they are free!  They’re a great way to meet coaching staffs, get a feel for what other players might be trying out, as well as ask questions to coaches/directors that are important to your daughter and family when deciding on where to play.  They also help coaches get a feel for how a player’s ability and skill level that will help to make decisions on team placement during the tryout process!


Tryouts are held in late October/early November in accordance with USA Volleyball and the Keystone Region Volleyball Association (KRVA) rules and regulations for the upcoming club season.  During the tryout process, players are evaluated and teams are selected based upon the following criteria:

  • Skill level
  • Athletic ability
  • Work Ethic & Attitude
  • Position
  • Intangibles

Volleyball is a unique sport in that putting the ‘best’ players together may not equate into forming the ‘best’ team; many factors go into creating a team.  At the conclusion of the tryout process, most players will be offered a spot on a team that fits their ability level and goals.  While we strive to find a spot for as many kids as possible, there are times where we do not have an offer for every kid that attends tryouts.  When this happens, Ballyhoo coaches will work to help kids find a spot with another club and/or help come up with a development plan through its other offerings so that players who have a desire to can continue to improve.

Individual & Small Group Training

Individual & small group sessions are a way to work on specific skills and techniques in an insolated environment.  While individual/private lessons are a great way to develop a player’s skill set, small group sessions can be just as (if not more) beneficial because of the nature of the sport and the interaction of the players.

Camps & Clinics

Camps are clinics are held throughout the year as a way for players to develop skills and game strategies in a group setting.  Depending on the goal and structure of the camp/clinic, athletes may be grouped by position, level of play, or split by specifically by age regardless of skill set.

To find out more on camps, clinics, and individual and small group training options, visit our Training page.

Program Benefits


  • Membership to Heritage Hills Athletic Club
  • Competitive tournament schedule
  • Sports Clinics, Sports Performance and Strength Trainings
  • Character Development
  • Facility and equipment
  • College Recruitment Assistance
  • Perks at Heritage Hills establishments with the Passport to Perks program