Ballyhoo Volleyball Academy features many different programs and levels for players of all ages and ability levels. From club teams, to camps, to position and skill specific clinics, Ballyhoo Volleyball has the offerings to help you take your game to the next level.

Club Teams:

Club volleyball teams are a way to develop your skills in a team environment, competing in tournaments against other club programs. The club season begins with tryouts/evaluations in November.  After the team selection process, practices start in early December and continue through the conclusion of the tournament schedule in April.  Teams typically practice 2-3 times per week based upon age and skill level.  While there sometimes are exceptions, teams are typically composed of 8-10 athletes.

Here at Ballyhoo, our teams fall into one of three levels: Premier, Regional, & Local. Premier level teams are our oldest teams (typically U16-18s) comprised of athletes who have an interest in playing at the collegiate level.  Their tournament schedule is comprised of mostly multi-day events in the Mid-Atlantic Region, travelling to large events in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Virginia, & North Carolina to name a few.  These teams will have two or three practices per week depending upon the time of year and tournament schedule with sports performance training included as a part of weeknight practices throughout the entire season.

Regional level teams are for our younger athletes (typically 14s-15s) to gain some experience in multi-day events without overwhelming them and also older athletes (16-18s) who want to do some travelling and gain exposure to local collegiate programs and playing opportunities.  Teams will practice twice per week with sports performance training included as part of weeknight practices throughout the entire season, but the tournament schedule will be a mix of single and multi-day events in the PA, MD, & VA areas.

Local level teams are designed for younger athletes who are just beginning or our older athletes who are looking for a fun environment to play and get better without as much of a time or financial commitment that the other levels require.  These teams will practice two times per week with sports performance included as a part of practices for a portion of the season, but their tournament schedule will be comprised almost entirely of single day tournaments within an hour to two hour area.

Post-Season: All Ballyhoo teams and athletes will have the option of attending additional tournaments as an end of year post season option.  For the premier level teams, the end of year event will be the AAU National Championships in Orlando, Fl.  For the regional & local teams, the end of year event will be the Happy Volley Championships at Penn State University.  Post-season practices would begin in May and continue through the duration of the event.  The costs for these events will be in addition to the regular season costs.


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Program Benefits

  • Year round program
  • Membership to Heritage Hills Athletic Club
  • Competitive tournament schedule
  • Sports Clinics, Sports Performance and Strength Trainings
  • Character Development
  • Facility and equipment
  • College recommendations
  • Perks at Heritage Hills establishments with a First Class Passport to Perks membership


Premier: $1800

Regional: $1500

Local: Younger (U14s): $800

Older (15-18s): $975