Girls Team Information: 2017-18 Season Club Teams

Ballyhoo Volleyball Academy features many different programs and levels for players of all ages and ability levels. From club teams, to camps, to position and skill specific clinics, Ballyhoo Volleyball has the offerings to help you take your game to the next level.

Club Teams:

Club volleyball teams are a way to develop your skills in a team environment, competing in tournaments against other club programs. The club season begins with tryouts/evaluations in November.  After the team selection process, practices start in early December and continue through the conclusion of the tournament schedule in April.  Teams typically practice twice per week based upon age and skill level.  While there sometimes are exceptions, teams are typically composed of 8-10 athletes.

All of the events that our teams participate in are ran be one of three organizations: KRVA (Keystone Region Volleyball Association), JVA (Junior Volleyball Association) or AAU (Amateur Athletic Union).  For tryouts, all athletes must have the ‘KRVA Junior Player Tryout’ membership & a KRVA medical release form.  To register for the tryout membership, visit the KRVA website: http://krva.org/juniors_member_registration.php

To sign up for tryouts, visit our ‘Register’ Page!


Levels of Play

Here at Ballyhoo, our teams fall into one of four levels: Premier, Regional, Local, & Developmental.  Premier level teams are our oldest teams (typically U16-18s) comprised of athletes who have an interest in playing at the collegiate level.  Their tournament schedule is comprised of mostly multi-day events in the Mid-Atlantic Region, travelling to large events in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Virginia, & North Carolina to name a few.  These teams will typically have 2-3 practices per week with sports performance  & classroom style training included for a portion of the season.

Projected Premier Tournament Schedule*

  • MLK Kick Off Classic (Lancaster, PA)
  • Mid-Atlantic Power League #1 (Hampton, VA)
  • Capitol Hill Classic (Washington DC)
  • Blue Ribbon Brawl (York, PA)
  • Mid-Atlantic Power League #2 (Raleigh, NC) OR Irish Rumble (Lancaster, PA)
  • Northeast Qualifier (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Mid-Atlantic Power League #3 (York, PA)
  • Region Single Day Event

*Projected tournament schedule only.  Schedule subject to change pending acceptance to above events*

Projected Premier Cost: $1800

Regional level teams are for our younger athletes (typically 14s-15s) to gain some experience in multi-day events without overwhelming them and also older athletes (16-18s) who want to do some travelling and gain exposure to local collegiate programs and playing opportunities.  Teams will practice twice per week with sports performance & classroom style training included as part of practices for a portion of the season.  The tournament schedule will include mostly multi-day events in the Mid-Atlantic region for the older teams, and a mix of local multi-day & single day events for the younger teams.

Projected Regional Tournament Schedule*

  • MLK Kickoff Classic (Lancaster, PA)
  • JVA Steel City Freeze (Pittsburgh, PA; 15-18s teams)
  • Capitol Hill Classic (Washington DC; 16-18s teams)
  • Blue Ribbon Brawl (York, PA)
  • Shamrock Fesival (Roanoke, VA) OR Irish Rumble (Lancaster, PA)
  • Northeast Qualifier (Philadelphia, PA; 15-18s)
  • MAPL #3 (York, PA)
  • Region Single Day Event(s)

*Projected tournament schedule only.  Schedule subject to change pending acceptance to all above events*

Projected Regional Cost: $1700 (u16-18s), $1500 (u15s), $1200 (u14s)

Local level teams are designed for younger athletes who are just beginning or our older athletes who are looking for a fun environment to play and get better without as much of a time or financial commitment that the other levels require.  These teams will practice once or twice per week & the tournament schedule will include single day region events & local multi-day events for the older teams (u15w-18s), and single day region events & “in house” events for our younger teams (u12-14s) .

Projected Local Tournament Schedule*

  • Blue Ribbon Brawl (York, PA; 15-18s)
  • Irish Rumble (Lancaster, PA; 15-18s)
  • AAU Grand Prix (Lancaster, PA; 15-18s)
  • Single Day Region Events
  • In House Tournaments (U13-14s)

*Projected tournament schedule only.  Schedule subject to change pending acceptance to all above events*

Projected Local Cost: $1200 (u15-18s), $750 (u14s & below)

Developmental level teams are our “in house” program for younger athletes who are new to sport and/or are involved with other sports/activities but would still like to play volleyball without making the commitment to a travel team.  These teams will practice once per week starting in December and continuing through early March.  Once each month, the teams will play against each other and with other local teams in mini-tournaments at Heritage Hills Athletic Club.  Developmental programs are open to anyone to sign up for and participate in; there are no “tryouts” for this level

Developmental Cost: $325/athlete prior to November 12th, $350/athlete after

For more information & to register, visit our Training Page

Hanover YMCA BallYhoo Teams

Once again this year, Ballyhoo will have a branch of teams based out of the Hanover YMCA.

Our teams based out of the Hanover YMCA will be local teams.  For the older age groups, (15-18s), teams will compete in 2-3 multi-day events & 5-6 single day region (either AAU or KRVA) events.  A few of the multi-day events that MAY be included in the tournament schedule are:

Potential BallYhoo Multi-Day Events

*3 of the 5 events below will be selected for each team*

  • MLK Kickoff Classic (Jan 13-15, York or Lancaster PA)
  • Blue Ribbon Brawl (Feb 24-25, York PA)
  • Irish Rumble (Mar 17-18, Lancaster PA)
  • AAU Grand Prix (Apr 14-15, Lancaster PA)
  • MAPL York (Apr 28-29, York PA)

For the younger age groups (U14s & below), teams will compete in 4-6 single day AAU Region events and 2-4 of our own ‘in house’ tournaments that we run with our York local & developmental teams as well as other programs in the area.  These ‘in house’ events will be held at either Heritage Hills Athletic Club or one of the Hanover YMCA locations.  These events will be shorter than a region ran tournament; teams will have a set schedule where they play 2-3 matches and then are done for the day.  Doing this allows for families to plan their days and weekends out better than a typical tournament schedule would.

Projected BallYhoo Cost: $1050 (15s-18s), $750 (U14s)

Tryouts for BallYhoo teams will be held on November 19th at the north Hanover YMCA.  To register for tryouts, go here: https://www.hanoverymca.org/aau-volleyball-1

Post-Season Events

All Ballyhoo teams and athletes will have the option of attending additional tournaments as an end of year post season option.  For the premier level teams, (and older regional level if they so choose), the end of year event will be the AAU National Championships in Orlando, Fl.  For the regional & local teams, the end of year event will be the Happy Volley Championships at Penn State University.  Post-season practices would begin in May and continue through the duration of the event.  The costs for these events will be in addition to the regular season costs

There is no team information at this time. Please check back soon.